Kiva City Pittsburgh Launches!


After more than a year of making loans to Pittsburgh entrepreneurs, the Kiva City Pittsburgh launch is finally upon us.

To date, 29 entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania have had their loans crowd-funded on Kiva Zip by 1,700 people from 47 states and 41 different countries. The entrepreneurs were endorsed by 14 different Kiva Zip Trustees including Urban Innovation and Pittsburgh Public Marketing . Urban Innovation21 is working to train successful entrepreneurs in some of the region’s most underserved communities. In their first two years as a business, Pittsburgh Public Market has helped to incubate 72 small businesses.

Kiva City Pittsburgh is made possible by several area funders and organizations including PNC Foundation-Charitable Trust, PNC Banks, Richard King Mellon Foundation, and Henry L. Hillman Foundation Opportunity Fund.

Through Kiva City Pittsburgh, everyone can help fill the lending gap for small businesses by crowdfunding loans. Just visit to browse small business owners’ profiles and stories, and choose someone to support with a loan of $5 or more.

Pittsburgh has already set their sights high by making a goal of funding 100 entrepreneurs in their first year as a Kiva City.

We are looking forward to helping them make this a reality and we can start by funding the 12 entrepreneurs up now on!!


Posted by Theresa Hall , Zip Marketing Intern

Mar 27, 2014

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Theresa recently graduated from a Masters of Social Entrepreneurship program in San Francisco. She ventured over to the Bay Area after pursuing a marketing degree at the University of Notre Dame and has spent time living in Spain and recently traveled to Kenya. Her time in Kenya solidified her passion for economic development and desire to help drive innovative, sustainable changes for those at the bottom of the pyramid. She is an avid scuba diver, loves anything outdoors and is looking forward to helping entrepreneurs reach their goals through Kiva Zip.


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