Made for Freedom

After hearing horror stories about sex trafficking, Dawn, like many others, wanted to help end human trafficking but the scope of the problem and the complexities of the solutions dissuaded her from getting involved. An eye-opening research trip to India, sandals made by Ugandan women with the help of a social enterprise, and Thai fisherman pants were the three disparate elements united by Dawn Manske’s passion to bring hope to dark places that resulted in Made for Freedom in late 2011.

With the help of her first Kiva loan, she was able to bring on a summer intern, launch an e-commerce site, obtain the registered trademark for the business name, change the pattern of fisherman pants to western appeal, change the name to Creabeli (Creating a Beautiful Life) pants and place the first order of 250 pairs of Creabelis!

It is possible to make an impact in the lives of women by giving a portion of the profits to fund life skills and job training. Made for Freedom is doing that and more! Rather than sourcing their products from the cheapest vendors, which are likely paying poverty wages, Made for Freedom is partnering with centers around the world that are training women and providing manufacturing employment. Their tee shirts and Creabelis are made by survivors of sex trafficking, thus providing dignified employment and a fair wage for women so they can lift themselves out of poverty. Before Made for Freedom ever sold one item, they had provided 700 hours of dignified employment for sex trafficking survivors!

They have product and more on the way. Dawn is ready to take Creabelis on the road and introduce them to boutique owners across the country and broaden the product line to include purses and other accessories to provide employment for more women.

Coming soon, Made for Freedom will have technical devices incorporated into their bags.

The more Dawn is out talking to people about sexual exploitation, the more girls and women confide in her their stories of being raped. Made for Freedom will soon incorporate technology into their bags that can provide a device that will activate a text message, call or alert sound.

Made for Freedom bags already benefit victims of sexual exploitation, but with this technology, the bags will provide an additional layer of protection for girls and comfort for parents. Made for Freedom bags will help with prevention and provide restoration via production, use and profit. This device will set their products apart from others.

Help provide dignity for women by purchasing! Join the fight against sex trafficking!

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Posted by Justin Renfro, Manager of Growth

Aug 11, 2014

Justin Renfro is the business development lead at Kiva Zip focused on the growth of the program. This year he's been particularly focused on supporting small farmers through high impact organizations across the country.


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