Toya's Dream: To Overcome Tragedy with Beauty

Toya's story is one of pain, but then of courage.

As a teen she lost her mother in a devastating car crash. She was injured - inside and out - and through it all, she had to try to stay positive.

With hair loss to the right side of her head, a simple wig helped Toya maintain some sense of normalcy.

"While I was repairing my inner self I was able to at least look better and that made me feel better and regain my confidence.”

The young Pittsburgh woman found she could take her grief and use it to help heal the pain of others. After supporting a mother who needed a wig following her chemotherapy treatment, the Pittsburgh woman discovered her dream: to create a place where such women could feel confident and beautiful, despite the pain of hair loss and its causes.

“You have a gift, and this is what you need to do," her grandmother told her.

Read Toya's story today.


Posted by Innae Park, Kiva Zip Marketing Intern

Apr 2, 2015

Innae has been an award-winning broadcast journalist for the most of the last decade and is seeking a different path for the next. She worked as a producer, reporter and anchor in two different television markets, engaging in local communities and encouraging small businesses to thrive. That passion linked her immediately with microfinance. She joined the Kiva Zip internship program with the intent of promoting this branch of finance with her storytelling and marketing skills. Though carrying an American passport, Innae calls Seoul home since she spent her adolescence at international school. She later received a degree in Communications at the University of Pennsylvania.


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