Reveal Yourself! Being a Part of the Kiva Zip World

I was at an open coffee one morning in Louisville, KY, where one of the speakers was a graphic facilitator named Kate Gentner. She literally drew the discussion (live) in an orderly fashion so that by the meeting’s end, there was a visual representation of all the facts.

There’s the classic adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a graphic recording with words can only be better. Think about describing the Grand Canyon with words only, or reading a few notes about the best sunset. Describe the Cliffs of Moher, the Great Wall, or an Amazonian rainforest sans pictures.

I think you’re getting my point. Staring at pictures brings back and stirs up thoughts and emotions. They are part of a holistic approach to communicating an experience. Which brings me to… the location settings in your Kiva Zip accounts!

Many of you are currently hidden from the global map that is worth 1,000 or even 10,000 words in every loan. Some may say, “Why bother?” I say… please bother! It is what the rest of the world sees when they’re trying to understand Kiva Zip, its mission, your own desire to make an impact as an existing lender, and why they might want to lend small amounts at 0% interest. You not only have a chance to lend on Kiva Zip, but you’re also invited to help advance the mission by showing up as a dot on the world map of support for each borrower! If you’re still not convinced that this actually makes a difference, watch this brilliant video showing a history of Kiva’s lending activities. If you don’t walk away from your computer inspired, then watch it again!

Seeing the map fill up with lenders during the fundraising process is awe-inspiring to Kiva newbies, and oh-so-satisfying for Kiva veterans. So many of you are making loans that really are changing lives, and the world sometimes has trouble “seeing” that impact.

I totally get anonymity, but so does Kiva Zip. They’ll only ever reference your city or country, so you don't have worry about anyone zooming in on your abode with Google Maps.

I encourage you to go ahead and take the plunge. Go ahead and change your settings under “My Zip - Edit My Profile.” Looking forward to pointing you out on many maps the next time I present the awesomeness that is Kiva Zip to people who have never heard of it!


Posted by David Taliaferro, Kiva City Louisville Fellow

May 11, 2015

David Taliaferro is the Director of Finance at Access Ventures. He earned a degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance from Georgetown College, and has lived in Kentucky ever since. David spent seven years in the Energy and Mortgage industries before becoming the first Director of Access Finance, a new venture philanthropy in Louisville, and is now working to increasing access to capital for local entrepreneurs. His Kiva work in Louisville resulted in the launch of Kiva City Louisville with over $170,000 of 0% interest business loans in a little over a year. He continues to be involved with various Kiva initiatives throughout the region.


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