Introducing MyClo

While studying microfinance in Honduras, Niranjan Kumar was blown away by how every entrepreneur he met acted with such courage, passion, and hustle. He knew that he needed to do more to help entrepreneurs like these succeed.

On his flight back, he developed ideas for “a brand that would motivate entrepreneurs and create its own unique community: something that stood up for small businesses while providing them with necessary capital." He teamed up with good friend and well-versed designer, Devan Anderson, to bring MyClo from an idea to reality.

MyClo sells American made products that both embody and fund the entrepreneurial spirit. For every MyClo hat purchased, ten dollars is loaned to an entrepreneur in the United States through Kiva Zip. Once that loan is paid back, MyClo recycles that money to another entrepreneur.

Through this model MyClo strives to “create a community and brand, that from the very core, embodies the potential and ambition of the Entrepreneur — one who has Courage, Passion, and Hustle.”

Lets get together and #FundtheHustle.


Posted by Garrett Gottesman, Kiva Zip Marketing Intern

Jun 19, 2015

Garrett grew up in Austin, Texas and just recently graduated from the University of Virginia. There he studied Media Studies and Social Reform, further developing his passion for using media technology to solve social problems. He is an avid traveler and first learned about Kiva while adventuring the world on Semester at Sea.


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