Kiva Zip vs. Kickstarter: Where should small businesses rally support?

Small business owners often ask me why they should crowdfund 0% interest loans on Kiva Zip, rather than raising capital on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Oftentimes, I tell them that if I were them, I would try Kickstarter first.

That sounds like a strange thing for the head of the Kiva Zip program to say. So let me try to explain…

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Posted by Jonny Price, Senior Director, Kiva Zip

Feb 8, 2016

Jonny first came to Kiva in 2009 as a volunteer on a 5-month externship from his management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. After 6 years at Oliver Wyman, first in London and then in San Francisco, he joined Kiva full-time in September 2011, to lead the Kiva Zip program.


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