Kiva Zip 2015 Annual Review

2015 was an incredible year for our Kiva Zip team. We crowdfunded $4.7M of 0% interest loans to 811 small business owners throughout the United States, most of whom were ethnic minorities, and most of whom were women. We enjoyed some great press coverage in TechCrunch, FastCompany and the Wall Street Journal, and launched our Kiva City program in Milwaukee, San Francisco, and December -- with special guest President Bill Clinton!

Even more importantly, we are proud of the movement we are building, and the community that we are cultivating. In 2015, that community consisted of 39,014 lenders who made loans, 811 entrepreneurs who borrowed money to launch or grow their businesses, 284 trustees who vouched for a borrower, 11 full-time employees, 68 wonderful interns and fellows, and dozens of generous donors and loan matching sponsors.

In this annual review, we articulate why we do what we do, and highlight some of our most memorable moments from the last 12 months. Click the image below to see the full annual review.


Posted by Jonny Price, Senior Director, Kiva Zip

Feb 10, 2016

Jonny first came to Kiva in 2009 as a volunteer on a 5-month externship from his management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. After 6 years at Oliver Wyman, first in London and then in San Francisco, he joined Kiva full-time in September 2011, to lead the Kiva Zip pilot project. Jonny is married to Ali, who he met at Kiva, and occasionally you may glimpse them cycling their tandem to work. He graduated with a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, where he represented his college at 14 sports (although 3 of these were table football, pool and chess).


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