Grow your business skills with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advising Program

I’ve seen first-hand the remarkable things that can happen when people take that leap of faith to pursue their passions. Sometimes though it takes more than just faith to turn those passions into action. We can all use a little advice on that from time to time.

This is why I’m excited to share a new opportunity for the Kiva Zip community. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Advising Program provides free access to an HPE volunteer mentor. HPE Advisors, with experience in areas such as branding/marketing, information technology, business planning, management, and other key business areas, are available to help small business owners, non-profits and social entrepreneurs tackle pressing issues, gain new perspectives, and grow their organizations.

I’d like to share Barbara’s story as a great example of the difference the HPE Advising Program can make. Barbara operates an arts outreach program for at-risk youth in Connecticut. She was able to successfully grow her business in just six weeks with the expertise and guidance of her HPE Advisor. The program’s successful partnerships range from technology startups to non-profits helping native Amazon populations and children in Vietnam and Uganda.

By joining the HPE Advising Program, you too can get connected with an HPE Advisor. This wonderful resource is available through a private online community for HPE employees and select entrepreneurs and non-profits. After completing a profile outlining your specific needs, you can search for potential Advisors with the expertise you need or an Advisor may reach out to you.

HPE Advising is an HPE Living Progress initiative—uniting people, ideas and technology to solve the world's toughest challenges.

At HPE, we believe in accelerating opportunity by supporting entrepreneurship, digital skills, and workforce diversity. To that end, we are thrilled to partner with the Kiva Zip community.

To learn how to get started with HPE Advising, I encourage you to register for our free orientation webinar on Tuesday, February 23, from 8-9AM Pacific. For more information, please explore the HPE Advising website.


Posted by Carole Lam-Chin, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community Engagement Manager

Feb 18, 2016

Carole Lam-Chin currently oversees the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advising program and other skills-based volunteer initiatives. Carole also supports HPE’s partnership with Kiva through the Matter to a Million program. With almost 20 years of experience in managing corporate employee engagement programs, Carole is dedicated to promoting positive social change through volunteerism.


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