Sharing Stories to Support Sustainable Food Systems

Are you an advocate for sustainable farming?

Share your story and connect with neighbors who support local food and farms with The Greenhorns, a non-profit whose mission is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers.

Kiva and Greenhorns have long collaborated to cultivate the next generation of America’s sustainable farmers, and furthering this collaboration, the Greenhorns team is proud to share the UP UP! Farm Film Festival with you. UP UP! Farm is a collection of 18 films which explore questions of farmland access, rural agriculture, and the relationships between people and place. By telling these stories we herald the thriving culture of young farmers and new agrarian economies.

Up Up! Farm is a DIY film festival -- meaning this film festival is brought to you, by you -- and we need your help in sharing these compelling stories!

Kiva and Greenhorns invite you to organize an Up Up! Farm film festival in your community. Host it in partnership with local agrarian organizations, your neighborhood library, or local food policy council. Spark conversations among family and friends about the future of farming and how we can all collectively take action to support healthy and vibrant food systems.

You bring together your community at a local venue, Greenhorns provides the films and the grassroots organizing support, and together we expand our perspectives on the past, present, and future of the young farmer movement.

To catch a glimpse of UP UP! Farm's beautiful and thought-provoking films, check out the trailer below.

If you have any questions or are ready to bring Up Up! Farm to your community, email us at to learn more.

If you're interested in other ways of getting involved with Up Up! Farm or attending a festival near you, click here for festival dates and locations.

See you there!


Posted by Erin Franey, Greenhorns "Up Up! Farm" Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator

Apr 6, 2016

Erin joined the Up Up! Farm Film Festival team with the Greenhorns in 2015. She loves the ways Greenhorns uses art, media, and writing to share stories of young farmers and elevate issues critical to the future of farming nationwide.


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