Announcing Kiva Zip Borrower Rock+Pillar's First Campaign with Malena

Kiva Zip borrower Rock+Pillar started with the grandiose idea of changing the way people consume fashion. Their core philosophy is to place importance on the origin story of products. Rock+Pillar want to explore the world, study cultures and learn about people’s lives through what they create. Earlier this month, Rock+Pillar announced their partnership with Malena to be their first small business to launch the crowdsourced wholesale campaign, click here to find out more and invest.


That idea of human connection has grown infinitely more rich as Rock+Pillar live and build globally. They’ve come to know their artisans as family and believe it’s equally important to build that same relationship with customers. By partnering with Malena on their first crowdsourced wholesale campaign, Rock+Pillar can continue to support artisan partners while bringing products directly to the people.

Malena helps Rock+Pillar crowdsource a wholesale order directly from buyers. This gives a community of conscious consumers the ability to choose. It’s a beautifully articulate model that allows consumers to decide what they want. So why invest? The answer is simply: that everyone benefits. Investors (potentially like you) are enabling Rock+Pillar products to be brought to market. In return every dollar invested is given back in the form of a gift card to spend on the Malena site. Will you connect with us?

What you can do to help:
Invest! Invest in Rock+Pillar’s Malena Campaign and help them reach their goal before 4/25/2016!

Share! Share this link with everyone you know and spread the word about their endeavor –

Participate! Visit Rock+Pillar on Instagram and Facebook to share images regarding their campaign!


Posted by Alma Hartman, Co-Founder of RockPillar

Apr 15, 2016

Alma Hartman is the Co-Founder of RockPillar. Having growing up in India, Singapore and the US she comes from a multicultural background. With an insatiable thirst for travel, she loves to experience cultures through fashion, art & food. In her free time she loves to design RockPillar Boots & Bags.


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