KSC: A True Second Chance

The meaning of KSC: Karen's Second Chance

In early 2015, after 20+ years in the fast food industry, Karen Denton launched KSC Commercial Cleaning Services -- KSC standing for Karen’s Second Chance because she’d recently survived a brain aneurysm. Grateful for her life, Karen decided to turn cleaning, which was once something she did for relaxation, into a business.

Several months after starting KSC, Karen had to start turning down jobs she didn't have enough cleaning equipment to meet demand. If she just had more supplies, she could leverage her business to hire employees and take on more clients.

How Karen connected with Kiva

A new Kiva trustee and regular lender, Vernard Alexander, told Karen about Kiva at just the right time and helped her get started on the Kiva platform.

Karen had never heard of crowdfunding before and although she was hesitant at first, she ultimately found the experience empowering -- she was amazed that people from around the world wanted to help her and strove to thank each of them individually.

After successfully raising $1,300 in April of 2015, KSC Commercial Cleaning Services has grown from 13 accounts to 21 and brought on 4 additional employees.

KSC's future

When thinking about her business, Karen says, “My desire today is to live my dream of being a business owner so that I can give people a second chance at employment and build a foundation for my children's future.” And true to this desire of providing second chances, several of Karen’s employees are disabled, including one as a result of military service, and others have prior criminal convictions.

In the year after fundraising on Kiva, Karen has fully repaid her loan, made loans to eight other businesses, and regularly encourages entrepreneurs in her network to take advantage of the interest-free loan and business exposure.

Karen is now crowdfunding her second loan with Kiva -- using it to further expand her team and purchase equipment that will allow KSC to offer additional services. Visit Karen's loan profile to learn more.


Posted by Koadey, Intern, Kiva City Pittsburgh

May 13, 2016

Koadey is a student at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA and has been interning with the Kiva City Pittsburgh initiative since February 2016. Koadey first learned about Kiva when he interned for a Pittsburgh start-up that received a Kiva Zip loan. In his spare time, Koadey enjoys traveling and aims to visit every Canadian province.


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