A Kiva case study: how Josh raised $7,500 for his socially conscious business, WO Designs

WO Design

    Whether you are a Kiva business, thinking about raising money on Kiva, or know someone who might benefit from a Kiva loan, the series of articles featured in this post will help you understand how Kiva works and navigate Kiva’s loan process.

Shortly after we featured him in an interview, Dave Bayless, co-founder of Human Scale Business Network, became so interested Kiva’s U.S. program that he created a case study of the Kiva loan process.

“A non-profit can seek grants and donations. A typical for-profit business can offer a return to attract investors. A not-just-for-profit company that seeks to maximize its charitable giving can find itself in something of a no-man’s-land”, says Bayless.

Dave found the perfect opportunity to showcase Kiva’s innovative lending program by documenting the experience of Josh Allen, an entrepreneur with a strong social conscience.

Josh founded and operates WO Design, a pet supply company with a social mission to support Widows and Orphans in Ethiopia. Inspired by the TOMS One for One® model, Josh designates a portion of every sale to cover the cost of two meals.

Tired of the demanding requirements of rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns, Josh turned to Kiva for a loan to design new products and find a manufacturing partner. Dave writes about Josh’s experience in a series of 4 articles, tracing Josh’s journey through the Kiva process.

These articles give an inside view of what it’s like to go through the Kiva process, from starting an application to getting funded. The articles are peppered with Josh’s reflections on his experience, as well as tips from Josh and Kiva staff.

This is a useful read for those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of what Kiva’s process is like for an entrepreneur, as well those interested in learning more about Josh’s not-just-for-profit business!

Read the posts here, where you can also enter your email address to receive a free PDF download of the synthesized case study.


Posted by Junho Hyun-Sack, Kiva U.S. Intern

Jan 27, 2017

Junho is an intern on the Kiva U.S. team. He’s worked as a management consultant for Oliver Wyman in London since 2014. He previously worked with UNICEF Water and Sanitation in Sri Lanka, and Mercy Corps, a microfinance institution, in Jakarta. He grew up in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and would love to travel some more when he gets the chance.


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