10 Zero-Cost Ways to Get Involved

Kiva Zip relies heavily on the contribution of its growing lender base to fund the increasing number of borrowers featured on our website. For that reason, we often direct you to make a loan! But are you looking for other, no cost, ways to get involved? If you share our mission of providing access to capital to the socially impactful but financially excluded entrepreneurs in the United States and Kenya, here are 10 ideas:

1. Help us bring Kiva Zip to a new city. We are looking to expand our presence in the United States! If you or an individual/organization you know might make a good Trustee, email us at ContactZip@kiva.org. We have held Kiva City launches in Newark, Little Rock, Portland, Richmond, and Flint. Could your city be next?

2. Spread the word about Kiva Zip to your favorite newspaper, blog, or magazine. Read about Kiva's press and Kiva Zip's Huffington Post entries to see what we've been up to.

3. Refer an entrepreneur to apply for a Kiva Zip loan. Have him/her email us at ContactZip@kiva.org to get started!

4. Share our borrowers' stories on social media. Use the Share buttons on the Kiva Zip home page or borrower profiles to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more.

5. Invite your friends to register with Kiva Zip. Get started at zip.kiva.org!

6. Start a conversation. If you have already made a loan, contribute to the Conversation Tab by asking the borrower or Trustee a question or by sending your well wishes.

7. Volunteer with Kiva. Apply here to become a Kiva Fellow and mention your interest in teaming up with Kiva Zip!

8. Write a blog post to be featured on Kiva Zip's blog regaling your experience as a lender, borrower, or Trustee. Read our most recent posts and add your comments here!

9. Join the Kiva Zip Lending Team on Kiva.org. Use this forum to discuss Kiva Zip with other lenders.

10. Give your feedback about the Kiva Zip platform to the Kiva Zip Team. Email us at ContactZip@kiva.org.


Posted by Sarah Tait, Kiva Zip Intern

Jan 15, 2014

Sarah was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in its suburbs before moving to New York City, where she studied Finance and Management at NYU's Stern School of Business. During her studies, she spent time abroad in Paris and Hong Kong, played lacrosse, competed on their equestrian team, and led peer health workshops. After graduating, she worked for Bloomberg in New York and then San Francisco in several roles, including Customer Service, Management, and Sales and Account Management. She hopes to use her Kiva Zip internship as the catalyst for her non-profit career.


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