Trustee: Pacific Community Ventures

San Francisco, CA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
I want to support the businesses in our network in getting a loan through KivaZip. We have a great partnership and mutually beneficial referrals.
What is the mission of your organization?
With a belief that helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that are located in and/or hire from lower-income areas is one of the strongest forms of community and economic development, Pacific Community Ventures’ mission is to build responsible small businesses to create jobs and opportunities in low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities.
In the past, how effective have you been in achieving this mission?
We've been quite successful. In the course of our history, we've served over 3,000 entrepreneurs creating and retaining more than 30,000 jobs and driving more than $50M in revenues to residents of our most vulnerable communities.
Do you belong to any organizational networks -- nationally, regionally, or locally? If yes, please list.
CDFI, SFEDA, NetImpact
How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
I will only endorse borrowers that are actively receiving business advising services at Pacific Community Ventures. This will ensure that we have had an ongoing relationship with the individual to have a read on their character and that they have a viable business and business need. Our advising will also then help protect the Kiva lenders because our advisors will help ensure that the business is successful and deploying the capital responsibly.
How do you plan to support the borrower, both before and after the loan is disbursed?
We will continue to provide our volunteer advisors to Kiva Zip borrowers on an as-needed basis. This includes technical assistance and business expertise that the business owner needs, specific to their business, right when the business owner needs it. We provide custom advising when and where the business owner needs it.Once the loan is disbursed, we will track the progress towards business goals and deliverables that the lender expects.
How will you help us ensure that the loans you endorse have a significant and positive social impact?
We conduct a rigorous social return on investment survey each year to all of the companies we serve. We collect data on the companies revenues, profits, job creation and % of jobs in low income communities. This data helps inform what social impact the small businesses we support and creating and we can report that back to Kiva Zip for Kiva Zip borrowers.

About Pacific Community Ventures

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Third Tier trustee
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Dec 5, 2013
(32 months)
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