Trustee: Pedro Castaneda

International Commerce

Menlo Park, CA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
Assist entrpreneurs succeed, especially those who can not easily access traditional funding resources.
Tell us about your profession or other relevant background.
I have been an educator in the public schools most of my carrer. Recently, I was a fundraiser for a vocational training center (CET) for about 10 years. Now, I am CEO of Provia, an international trading company.
Do you belong to any professional networks -- nationally, regionally, or locally? If yes, please list.
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development Center - San Jose
How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
They must be a real entrepreneur challenging the status quo. Good referrences. Interview and interact with them. See their business plans. Get a sense of their personal accomplishments. Social benefits. I will selected borrows who I want to work with and see them succeed. They will succeed because I will succeed!
How do you plan to support the borrower, both before and after the loan is disbursed?
First, we will plan together to make sure there is a valid and realistic plan. We will seek expertise and resoruces together. Make sure there is a good team to support the borrower. After the loan, I will monitor his expenditures and revenures to meet plan expectations. At the same time ensure there is fiscal integrity.
How will you help us ensure that the loans you endorse have a significant and positive social impact?
The projects I select will have a social impact as their goal and I will work with them to ensure there is that impact. I have always worked with non-profits so I know well social impact strategies.

About Pedro Castaneda

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Paused Tier trustee
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Sep 11, 2012
(47 months)
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