Trustee: Chris Whitten

Computer Programmer

Livermore, CA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
To continue to support and grow entrepreneurship around the world and to help people make a positive change to the world.
How will you determine whether or not the business plans of the Borrower(s) you endorse are sound?
I will check their business plan is well thought out and within a realistic timeframe. Another component I will check for is cash flow sustainability. Part of the check will include if they will be able to pay back the loan within the time frame or not.
How will you know whether the Borrower(s) you endorse will have the character to repay a loan?
Honesty and integrity are very important traits I look for in the character of any borrower. Are they willing to share their successes and failures, their books and do they already have a business/product/happy customers? These say a lot about the honesty of an entrepreneur. If they have a plan for the loan that lays out the cash flow, their idea is realistic and well founded, then I think they start to show they have the integrity to manage and be responsible for those funds and pay them back. Looking at their other financial obligations is also an indicator of whether they honor their loans or not.
Please describe what type of business, financial, technical or other support you plan on providing to the Borrower(s) you endorse:
I plan to provide some financial, business development and technical support to the small businesses I endorse for this program. These would include: 1. Feedback on the feasibility of the business endeavor 2. Ideas for cost savings and additional resources needed and where to obtain them 3. Foster connections within the business community 4. Technical Knowledge of how to support and grow business and its products/services
How will you establish whether the Borrower(s) you endorse are in debt, or have a history of debt? How will what you find affect your endorsement of their loan application?
Each borrower will run their own credit and provide that and their books (if they have an existing business) along with a current snap shot of their accounts to see if they have a history of indebtedness or not. It will boil down to if they can afford the loan's monthly outgoing with everything they are already paying on. Also if their is a large amount of revolving debt, this might be grounds for not getting the endorsement.

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Third Tier trustee
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Apr 4, 2012
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