Trustee: Brown Boi Project

Oakland, CA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
We have a deep investment in building the capacity of young people to drive their own economic self-sufficiency, invest in their communities, and build their ability to become agents of change.
What is the mission of your organization?
The Brown Boi Project is a community of masculine of center womyn, men, two-spirit people, transmen, and our allies committed to transforming our privilege of masculinity, gender, and race into tools for achieving Racial and Gender Justice.
What indicators/metrics do you use to evaluate and monitor your impact?
We measure the levels of participation across our programs (how many leaders move from our leadership retreats to our 1:1 life coaching; and onto our coaching circles). We also measure the levels of our donors from within our leadership base (which is 70%).
How have you performed in the past, according to these indicators/metrics?
We not only reach high metrics with our work but we also work hard to do annual planning at the start of each year (driven by our young leaders) that also surpass our annual goals by %45-%60 each year.
How will you determine whether or not the business plans of the Borrower(s) you endorse are sound?
For those leaders that have worked successfully with our coaches 1:1 and have gotten approved by our skill based coaching circles will become eligible for consideration. Their level of engagement, personal leadership growth, and attention to potential barriers within their business plan will all be factors. How much have they thought through the challenges they have faced, and what contingency planning have they put together to successfully execute their business plan.
How will you know whether the Borrower(s) you endorse will have the character to repay a loan?
We will have worked with these leaders, by the time that they receive the loan, for over a year (including an intensive 5-day leadership retreat) where they work on core leadership characteristics, conflict, and managing health. This experience gives us a really strong basis on which to judge their character. They all have a personal investment in maintaining the relationship with the Brown Boi Project as well, we're a community that supports each other by lending our social capital to each other.
Please describe what type of business, financial, technical or other support you plan on providing to the Borrower(s) you endorse:
We have coaching circles that pair them with 4-5 other young leaders (across the social enterprise world) that focus on topics like resource generation, marketing plans, journalistic writing/social media, and business financials. This process is on top of the mental health/leadership development/and life financial planning support that each of our leaders has access to through our project.
How will you establish whether the Borrower(s) you endorse are in debt, or have a history of debt? How will what you find affect your endorsement of their loan application?
On a regular basis we offer credit and financial budgeting to our leaders as part of their ongoing leadership development support. For those who are interested in applying for a loan it will involve reviewing those documents and assessing their payment plan. For us, it's a question of when they are ready. We have high and exacting standards for all of the work that we do, not simply to maintain our reputation, but because that is the kind of support that allows our leaders to be successful. If they aren't ready then the question becomes what kind of financial planning support they need to be ready to assume a loan and make their vision a reality.
Why can't the Borrower(s) you endorse access traditional loans?
In part because of the size of loans, all are under $5,000. Part is also because of class and education discrimination, lack of access to circles and networks of privilege is also a significant factor. For many of the Brown Bois, they often doubt whether they can successfully launch a business. For those that are ready to take the leap, they are disconnected from resources like these. Many assume the only ways to raise support is through banks or donations. This opportunity will give us a regenerative base. If we mobilize 500 investors they can invest in different Brown Boi businesses over and over again.
Please describe how you could help us to ensure that the loans you endorse on Kiva Zip have a significant and positive social impact:
We have already reshaped and shifted the ways in which our leaders are thinking about multiple bottom lines. The ethos of our work is a profound commitment to grappling with privilege and putting that privilege into practice. Creating a business or social enterprise effort that has a strong positive social impact for our community is the charge that we issue them. Kiva will be providing the leverage for us to do that.

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Economic Justice & Gender Justice
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Apr 18, 2012
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