Trustee: La Victoria Bakery Corporation

San Francisco, CA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
In my opinion, the knowledge and experience of a company and the wealth of its talent is immeasurable. Little companies with amazing ideas and know-how, go out of business daily, simply because they do not have experienced stewardship to guide them through the minutia of bureaucratic red tape on the government sector side and debt management on the banking side. We hope that more small business pop up with the infusion of finance and know how. It is the only way to turn the tide of large corporate interest.
What is the mission of your organization?
We would like to create amazing product with OUR local talent in a sustainable manner which pays fair wages for the those inspired to still work in the service industry. We hope to touch as many people so that they can understand that great product can not be made with out the help of the community which supports our endeavor. Twenty years ago I would have answered profit. In the light of tight money supply, 911, the Dot-Gone-Boom and a shrinking middle class we hope to be able to make a crack in the new glass ceiling that has been created that holds back anyone not privileged to have been born to wealth.
In the past, how effective have you been in achieving this mission?
In the past, our organization was happy to achieve its goals. Now with a new economy on the horizon, we hope to guide our company with its new goals to provide affordable yet healthy food to all those who seek it.
Do you belong to any organizational networks -- nationally, regionally, or locally? If yes, please list.
On the board of both Mission merchants Association and 24th street merchants association.
How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
Kiva's strict guidelines on debt matters will be the first principle that helps me to decide which borrowers to endorse. I hesitate, because the sense of a great idea and inspiration goes far beyond numbers on a ledger. It is the desire to put in years without acknowledgment and recognitions until the goal is achieved, that is the overwhelming compass to endorse a particular person.
How do you plan to support the borrower, both before and after the loan is disbursed?
I plan to recommend Kiva Zip, if it is money that is holding them back. Hopefully someone looking to start a business would listen closely to those who have been in their shoes once before. It is usually not the money that brings a company down. Its the choices they make with it that creates their downfall.
How will you help us ensure that the loans you endorse have a significant and positive social impact?
My endorsement will come only if I feel a company is looking beyond the personal fiscal impact. They need to be willing to help those involved. Workers need to feel part of the process. The overall product has to be beneficial to the community and the companies' outreach must be constant.

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